The investment company consists of several private investors

The company is managed by CEO Bryan Göddert on behalf of the partners.

Bryan Göddert’s massive experience is highly valuable to the entire 4GN group due to his wide range of expertise. Bryan always carries himself with a positive attitude towards the assignments at hand. No matter the character and least but not last he also has a fantastic eye for good business. His exciting and clairvoyant approach to the businessworld makes him very sought after by small as well as large businesses. Bryan is also an inspiring public speaker with his motivational entrepreneurial theme: From 0 – 100 Milllion in 1 year.

Bryan Göddert

NASDAQ OMX: 2 Publicly traded companies.

Bryan has been the CEO for over 100 companies. Both for his own businesses, and for his clients. He has tried everything from being financially successful to filing for bankruptcy. Bryan’s work is driven by pure passion for his trade. Bryan is also very passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success in their businesses.

Bryan Göddert also has the title of at an age of 33, having been the youngest CEO of two publicly traded companies listed on NASDAQ OMX at the same time. The companies in question are DanFold A/S and HIO Property A/S.


The purpose of 4GN is to increase the value through a tightly planned 4-step investment strategy and generate a high return and profit to the investors.

Our daily mission/vision:

To create profitable long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with both clients and investors.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.